• Strathmore Law Journal

    Strathmore Law Journal is a platform open to scholars and researchers around the world. It publishes original studies related to Human Rights and the law in Africa. The studies could have a philosophical, public policy, governance or economic perspective. The Journal’s purpose is the diffusion of knowledge and the promotion of inter-disciplinary debate on different legal issues.

  • African Legal Traditions Registry

    African Legal Traditions Registry is a peer-review Journal dedicated to registering the legal traditions of Africa, both past and present. This scholarly platform aims to document and analyze the diverse legal systems that have shaped the continent, providing valuable insights into the evolution and dynamics of African legal practices.

  • Strathmore Law Review

    The Strathmore Law Review is an annual peer-reviewed, student-edited academic law journal published by the Strathmore University Law School in conjunction with the Strathmore University Press. It considers submissions from undergraduate and masters students from any university, and is published at the beginning of the year. 

  • Journal of Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (JIPIT)

    The Journal of Intellectual Property and Information Technology (JIPIT) Law is an academic journal founded by the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT). CIPIT undertook this endeavour to provide a platform for academic research on Intellectual Property and Technology Law, particularly as such topics relate to the Global South. We welcome submissions originating from all geographic regions.